Dunboyne Physiotherapy Clinic - Bryan Henry- Head Physiotherapist MISCP & Director

At Dunboyne Physiotherapy Clinic we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to you as an individual.Our integrated approach through the use of movement, muscle and neural tests allows us to determine the underlying cause of your condition.By identifying these imbalances we can correct compensational patterns, returning you to pain free in no time.

We work in partnership with individuals of all ages to break down the barriers to physical function whether that means working with patients pre and post surgery, helping people come back from illness and chronic disease, injury, industrial and motor vehicle accidents and age related conditions.

Bryan has over 10 years experience including working in New Zealand across the private sector, where he provided physiotherapy to both football and rugby teams at provincial level. Having spent 8 years working in New Zealand and Australia Bryan now brings this knowledge to Dunboyne and the surrounding Meath areas. Bryan is a full member of the Irish Society of Physiotherapy and CORU.

With the population getting older and more people living with long-term conditions, the health and care system needs remodelling to meet patient needs, increase efficiency and improve health outcomes.

Our services extend beyond Dunboyne into the surrounding communities.

Dunboyne Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Dunboyne village to the rear of Dunboyne Surgery on Main street. Aswell as serving the community of Dunboyne, our services extend to the communities of Ratoath, Clonee, Summerhill, Kildakey, Dunshaughlin, Westmanstown and more.


A balanced body is vital for normal function. It is very common to suffer from aches and pains caused by compensatory patterns in our body. Restoring the body to a position of equilibrium improves our well being and quality of life.

Dunboyne Physiotherapy is here to help.